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Property Management

Property Management Services

Rent Collection

We make sure your payments are collected on time and in full!

Fee Payments

We make sure that your taxes and common charges/HOA are paid on time and in full!

Emergency Services

We make sure emergency calls are answered and addressed!

Tenant Liaison

We make sure your tenants receive responses promptly!

Routine Inspection

We make sure your apartment is in proper condition!

Report and Documents

We make sure your tax filing documents are prepared properly!


There was a leak in my bathroom ceiling and thanks to Jerry’s help, I was able to resolve the issues while traveling in China.
Mr Jiang
I’m glad my agent recommended JCW Real Estate’s property management services. I work a full time job while taking care of two children. JCW provides very professional and responsive services, will recommend to everyone!
Mrs. Wu
Hong Kong
Thanks to Mr Wang’s help, I am able to focus on my work. Highly recommend, fast response time, highly professional!

Property Management FAQs

how can property management save you money?

By law, rent is subjected to income tax. However, expenses related to the rental property can be deducted as part of operation cost.  Therefore, the property management fee is already 25% less than the actual cost. In addition, property management companies are very good at negotiating to lower the maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, with proper accounting practices, keeping log expenses of all the work and repairs done, owners actually end up making more money while enjoying hands free services.

what are some of the unseen benefits of property management?

Having a responsive team means that your tenant will be happier; lowering the chances of him/her moving.  On average, New Yorkers move every seven years. If we can make a tenant stay happily in an apartment longer, the less vacancy and rent loss the owner will face! We understand that your time is precious.  We will address all emergency situations and try to resolve them in the best possible scenario.  If the issue requires major repairs or replacement involving over $200, we will try to compare prices and send you a proposal.

I’m already working with a real estate agent, why should I use property management service?

Your real estate agent is very skilled at transactions; whether it be sales or rentals.  However, all the successful agents are very busy and cannot allocate enough time to solve problems in time when issues arise.

What services can I expect from JCW Real Estate?

We perform many tasks…we will collect rent, address repairs, walkthrough the apartment when tenant moves out, routinely send you reports, prepare your income statement and etc.

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