Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals FAQ

JCW Real Estate works with real estate professionals such as brokers, contractors and others to provide the best property management experience to clients.

I'm a real estate agent, why should i recommend JCW real estate to my clients?

We understand your schedule is hectic; the more successful you are, the busier you become.

We are willing to work with you to better service your clients.

If my client wants to sell or rent, what will jcw real estate do for me?

We sign agreements with all the referring agents.  If your client is looking to sell or rent, we will always let you know!

How does property management services benefit me?

We want to provide dedicated property management services to real estate agents so they can focus on their core business which are sales and rentals.

We maintain constant follow ups and close communication with owners and professionals.

By working with us, you will have stronger ties with your existing clients for future businesses.

What kind of agreement does jcw real estate provide to professionals?

Our agreement protects the real estate agents rights and benefits when they make referrals. We ensure that your clients’ information will not be disclosed to third party.

In addition,we want to make sure that you are there when your past clients want to sell or rent.  Therefore, when your referrals want to sell or rent, you will be notified first.

If my client needs painting or renovation, can jcw real estate help?

When the client needs painting services, we will compare quotes and provide proposals to them. We also perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs. However we currently do not offer renovation services but will be more than happy to make referrals.

What happens if my client is not satisfied with your service?

If your client is not satisfied with our service, he/she can always cancel with 7 day notice. While we cannot refund the remainder of the month, we will happily provide service until the end of the cycle.

does jcw real estate provide referral fee to professionals?

We do have incentives for referrals, for more details, please contact us directly.

What happens when tenant moves out?

When the tenant moves out, we will perform a basic walkthrough to make sure the apartment is in fair condition and document what repair and/or maintenance is needed.

What areas does JCW Real Estate currently service?

We currently service Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn and Queens.  We’re striving to expand our service areas to better serve you and your clients.

i am a real estate agent from oversea, how can we work together?

Recently, we have a lot of inquiries from oversea real estate professionals. We are more than happy to work with real estate agents from outside the US.

For more information, please contact us directly.

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