Real Estate Owners

Services to Real Estate Owners

JCW Real Estate provides one stop shop services to real estate owners in New York.  That involves all the landlord responsibilities as well as additional help to landlord related issues.

Our service is suited for investors and owners who want to be relieved from daily responsibilities.

Financial Responsibility

  • Collect rent, deposit and other related fees
  • Property tax, common charges and other fee payments
  • Yearly tax filing document preparation

Daily Operations

  • Main liaison between tenant and other parties
  • Emergency contact & repairs

Routine reports

  • End of lease walkthroughs
  • Routine surveys
  • Routine reporting on property
  • Routine market report

Daily documentation and chores

  • Filing of leases and other important documents
  • Documentation of expenses and repair/maintenance log reporting

*We also provide brokerage services upon request*

Benefits of Property Management


Firstly, property management fee is tax-deductible. Just like other expenses such as interest, property management provides tax benefit to the owner.

In addition, property management companies are very good catching all the smaller expenses and fees that owners may miss on their filing.


We work with a group of very trustworthy and professional workers. What does that mean?

That means we can get better pricing on these repairs and the work done will be longer lasting.

less vacancy

Having a responsive team means that your tenant will be happier; lowering the chances of him/her moving.

On average, New Yorkers move every seven years. If we can make a tenant stay happily in an apartment longer, the less vacancy and rent loss the owner will face!

peace of mind

We understand that your time is precious. We will address all emergency situations and try to resolve them in the best possible scenario.

You can have peace of mind that your asset is well taken care of!

law and regulations

Landlords can sometimes run into pitfalls unawarely. While we are not lawyers, we are very familiar with the housing-related laws and regulations.  We will make sure all our practices adhere to the rules and regulations mandated by the government.

investment made easy

We offer white gloves service to owners and strive to provide you a better way to invest in real estate.  With our service, you can invest with ease, sit back and enjoy the return from your asset.



Your real estate agent is very skilled at transactions; whether it be sales or rentals. However, all the successful agents are very busy and cannot allocate enough time to solve problems in time when issues arise.

What does JCW Real Estate do when tenant is late on rent payment?

We follow protocols mandated by the city and send out notices to the tenants.

Should the issue not resolve, we will have professional attorneys draft proper letters and escalate the issue accordingly.

does jcw real estate provide renovation services?

We will provide simple work such as painting and repairs, however, for renovations, we unfortunately have to defer you to other specialists.

Will JCW Real estate screen tenants for me?

Usually in New York, if you have your own real estate agent, he/she will be more than happy to go through the screening process for you.

However, we are more than happy to provide rental services, including listing, advertising, screening and application, for you.

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